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Youth Fitness

Our specifically designed children's exercise equipment takes the principal of our signature line and wraps it all up into a smaller light weight package so that children and teens are able to enjoy the unique concept of fluid interval training. However these are not just scaled down machines.

Each machine has been specifically designed to meet the needs of its younger audience and ensures that correct and safe form is maintained throughout all movements. It is designed to create a youth exercise environment that is enjoyable, safe and effective.

Our equipment works two opposing muscle groups at the same time. Concentric resistance only ensures that no extreme weight load is placed on muscles and joints, and therefore will not damage growth plates. Other Kids line benefits include:
  • Cardio and Strength benefits
  • Train two sets of muscle groups on one machine and alter the resistance for each muscle group independently
  • Small foot print requiring minimal space
  • Customised branding including the framework and upholstery, which allows you to create a very personalised look for your facility
  • Light weight and portable, so easy to move and store