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Dance Mats

Dance mats are a conventional arcade game that can offer enjoyment as well as a good workout. The user is having fun dancing to the music and becoming fit at the same time! The software comes with a mixture of dance routines which will work both the upper and lower body offering a more effective workout. The user is able to select their own level and each player will receive their own feedback.
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Workout alone or with friends
  • Competitive and cooperative game modes
  • Differentiated workouts to suit the needs of each user
  • Easy to use and effective
  • Portable, durable and easy to store
  • Great way to engage non-sporty pupils in physical activity
See the dance mats in action by clicking here

Equipment Specification:

The mats are 89cms x 96cms x 2.5cms and are available as pairs or as groups of 4.